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At Splendor Laundry Supplies we offer you the chance of becoming a distributor for our products. we can provide you  the products in wholesale price, to give you the chance to sell it and earn a lot of money

Before you get to that point and begin working from home in this capacity, you'll have to contact us and set up an account. We always need reliable distributors. You'll find "Splendor laundry supplies" to be a reputable company who has been in this business for a long time.

Do you want to get the chance of earning extra money ?

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Splendor Laundry Supplies inc. is a company committed to producing the best performing cleaning products at competitive prices to meet your specific needs in low cost manner. With cleaning chemical roots that trace back more than 25 years, Splendor employs experienced, respected chemists, engineers and technicians who are at the forefront of scientific