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Become a distributor

At Splendor Laundry Supplies we can give you the chance of becoming a distributor for our products. we can provide you  the products in wholesale price, to give you the chance to sell it and earn a lot of money .

Do you want to get the chance of earning extra money ?

Become an independent sales rep for Splendor Laundry Supplies and make great money selling  liquid laundry detergents that compare to Tide & Gain and other great products. If you are interested in this opportunity please call for more information or fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will contact you back asap.

You'll find "Splendor laundry supplies " a reputable company who has been in this business for a long time. Our distribution prices will give you every opportunity for success. you can trust us to fulfill the orders for your customers in a timely fashion.

Generally, you won't have to do much to become a distributor. Just set up an account and start selling our products. Our Distributors can be anyone; Stay at home mom's, Part Time dads, Unemployed people, people interested in making extra money, people want to start there own business !

Take action into YOUR own hands and making a real profit. You can have a growing business and easily earn over $3,000 in under one hour !!