Splendor Laundry Supplies inc. is a company committed to producing the best performing cleaning products at competitive prices to meet your specific needs in low cost manner. With cleaning chemical roots that trace back more than 25 years, Splendor employs experienced, respected chemists, engineers and technicians who are at the forefront of scientific development and are constantly researching new formulas, materials, procedures and environmentally-conscious applications. Service and responsiveness come first, which is why we ensure Splendor Laundry Supplies customers' orders are fulfilled and shipped accurately and on time, every time. we are located in Chicago, Illinois and we distribute  our products nationwide and internationally.

We are always seeking entrepreneurial business partners who will distribute our detergents in local markets.  Often, our customers sell into the restaurant, hospitality and hotel markets or they repackage the material and brand it themselves for markets such as dollar stores or flea markets.


               with us you will get best quality of products  with cheapest prices!